no energy AND no power?

Lightbulb1 Yesterday, I left work around noon to play in our office’s annual Golf Tournament. We played out at San Joaquin Country Club. Very nice. It’s not the newest course, probably one of the oldest, but pretty difficult and lots of maturity in the landscaping. The course is surrounded by enormous houses that were really cool to see as we hit our way through the 18 holes. Our foursome came in 4th (out of 4) but it was still lots of fun. I love to play golf, but rarely have enough time to go. I should go more, it was very therapeutic at relieving some stress.

As soon as I finished 5 hours of golf, I went home and changed into my softball gear to play in the playoffs. We are seated #1 in the league, haven’t lost a game yet, and whoever won the game tonight went to the playoffs.

In the last inning we were down by 2, had 2 outs, and had 1 runner on second. In a flurry of back-to-back singles and some amazing base running, we came back and won the game! Next week will be our final game of the season for all the glory. Can’t wait.

After softball, we came home to our house with no power. It had to be 105 degrees yesterday, so you know the house will get to warming up if you don’t have the air cranking. luckily the house wasn’t too hot, we lit a bunch of candles, put the girls to bed and Jacinda and I started watching season 1 of Seinfeld on the laptop. Good thing it was all the way charged! Finally the power came on around 11pm and the air kicked on and did it’s job. It was a great day, but a hot and long one too.


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