“Knocked Up” needs to be knocked out

Knockedup20071 Last night, Jacinda took me out for my birthday. It fell right on Father’s Day this year (the 17th for those who want to put it on their calendars), so we were celebrating with family and she wanted to do something special just us. We hit up Famous Dave’s and had some really good BBQ ribs, chicken, chopped pork, potato salad and cornbread. It was a really good dinner AND, she paid! Then we crossed the street and went to the movies.

We were both pretty psyched to see, "Knocked Up" because we had read a good review and a couple people we know liked it. I’ll give it….uh…no stars because we walked out halfway through. Believe me when I tell you, I’m not one of those ultra, charismaniac, holier than thou people, but this movie was so crass I would’ve been embarrassed to be seen there. I really wanted it to be this romantic comedy, but the amount of "cuteness" it had was always dulled by the boobs, the F-Word every 3 seconds, and the raunchy behavior of the guys. It seemed as though the director couldn’t figure out if he wanted to make "50 first dates" or "Old School". Next time I’ll trust my judgement of the characters and the previous work of the director to help me weigh my decision. Needless to say, we were both bummed; Jacinda because she was taking me out, and me because, well, I love movies. We should’ve seen the Silver Surfer!

Old School by the way, which I unfortunately saw, was a perfect example of what I will call "trailer movies". All of the funny parts are in the trailer, just like this movie. the rest is just filled up with trash that the writer’s stuffed in there to fill the other 2 hours and 15 minutes. It felt like a very un-intelligently written movie with dialogue that was shallow and just trying to set up punchlines.

Sorry so negative today, it was just a big let down.



  1. I agree. I sat through the entire movie. I was with my sister-in-law. Half way through it I realized their was a 10 year old little girl six seats down from me. Then I got very very uncomfortable. I thought it was completely unrealistic with the f word. I never hear anyone in public or private EVER talking like that. Two things I like about the movie: 1. She did not abort it, 2. They did not try to change each other, they both accepted each other pot and all.

  2. Dude,
    I am glad to know about the knocked up nastiness. But as a movielovin’ brother I must warn you about the horridness that is the silver surfer. The Characters are so flat that if they turned sideways they would disappear. And the plotline is soo I checked my watch twice. Which is pretty bad considering that the whole movie is only 89 minutes. Go see oceans 13, if you have already then go again instead of seeing Fantastic four.

  3. Yep it was pretty bad, and to who asked, I would not rent it either. There are plenty of other B movies out their for more entertainment. Sorry again babe. Luckily lots of movies are coming out soon. Love you and miss you!

  4. So weird, that we are in different worlds. I haven’t even seen trailers for that movie. So we can go see a movie, drinks and popcorn for $6 for the both of us. Yay for date nights!!! Dude, 6 bucks. So we went and saw Amazing Grace, one of the best movies I have ever seen. Ever. Please rent it. I am sure it is on DVD now. Yay. I have missed my blog friends. We are back in the blog world again…at least for another 3 gigs.

  5. “Trailer movie” – I’m suspecting that Evan Almighty will be the same way. New trailers have new funny parts, and I get the feeling we might have seen all the good stuff already.

  6. Yeah, I’d have to agree on the foulness comments… I watched the whole thing (I guess I’m always giving the benefit of the doubt) you actually missed the worst thing ever shown on film (I’ll spare you). The movie was awkward and cheap – to say the least, but I have to tout it for it’s realistic view of American relationships; and it’s unflinching look at the “right” thing to do when the “crap hits the fan”. It’s buried under a bunch of nastyness, but the redeeming qualities are in there.

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