Family Reunion

Basslake2No posting this weekend. we’ll be at a family reunion on Jacinda’s step-mom’s side up in Bass Lake. Lots of pool, lake, boat, campfire, guitar, and fun…but no internet.
There are lots of musicians in the family and they asked Jacinda and I to play a couple of "our style" tunes. I think we are going to play "Everything" by Lifehouse and maybe "Once for All" an older Charlie Hall tune. Hope we can create some kind of atmosphere of worship.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Oh, and I haven’t been able to get to my RSS reader for a couple days now. Lots of catching up to do Sunday night. Actually, our church is putting on a free Jason Upton concert, but I’m not really a fan. Have you guys ever heard him?


One comment

  1. i’ve never seen jason upton live, but i do have one of his albums. he went to my seminary…graduated just before i did. his style is a bit different from mine, but he is a fantastic worship leader. the real deal.

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