Picture_4I wasn’t actually considering the iPhone for myself until I saw this. For 59.99 a month I can email, call, and text message. I pay 93 right now for my Blackberry! I’d save 33 a month, over a year, that’s 400 dollars. not too much different than the price of a normal cell phone now! now I just gotta see if I can get out of my current contract…



  1. i wonder when it will be released in the UK and what the contracts will be like… i reckon i might wait a year before i get one though… im tied into a contract until september 2008 anyway

  2. We were considering switching to the IPhone for work, but weren’t comfortable with the settings changes IT had to make, limited business appeal, and they felt it was totally unsafe to use on our network. Plus no GPS. Bummer…this phone might be better for the casual business user. Luckily the Blackberry has never let me down. Let the mania die down and get the 2.0 version when they undoubtedly make changes to appeal to the business world…and the price goes down.
    BTW – contract change, go here. Legit.

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