25 down, and a six pack to go

Scale I have been meeting with a nutritionist buddy of mine since last September. Actually, he felt as though I got the whole deal and that I just needed to keep following the plan, so we haven’t met in almost 3 months now. I’ll have to go in so he can measure my body fat. But today, I hit a milestone. 25 pounds.

Back in September I weighed 259 with 24.35% body fat. I know you think 259 sounds big (well, it was), but with that body fat calculation, if I was 0% body fat, I would’ve weighed like 196 pounds! He said that was impossible, even on my deathbed. I am just a big guy; I have really broad shoulders (48 Regular Suit Size) and a decent amount of muscle mass (it weighs more than fat) although you can’t tell. My little brother always used to say that I have "old man strength". I’m not ripped, but I could lift 3 people at one time. The reason for the non-rippage…fat.

So, 8 months later. I have healthily (minus that stupid master cleanse thing i tried) lost 25 pounds, gone from a 42 waist pant to a 36, and feel better than ever. Even my swimsuit from our honeymoon 6 years ago is too big now!

My body seems to responding better than ever. The last couple weeks have been about a 2 pounds a week. I plateau-ed for quite some time, where it was taking a lot to do a little, but it’s refreshing to step on the scale every morning at the gym and watch it go down half a pound.

I haven’t talked too much about this, because I wanted to make sure I could actually do it and I still want to lose about 20 more pounds to get me around that 215 area. That’s where the nutritionist said I should aim at least!



  1. I think you’re hot!!!! I am so proud of you. I know you can make your goal. 4 more weeks till we’re lying on Hawaii’s beaches. Is that diet accountability or what?! can’t wait. Love you!

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