tooth & nail and joy electric

Tooth_nail Tooth & Nail was my culture and community when I was in jr high school all the way through mid-college.  I loved it. I had the stickers, the shirts, the albums, the videos (on VHS baby!). Bands like MxPx, the Crucified, Blenderhead, Blindside, Living Sacrifice, Project 86, Starflyer 59, Sometime Sunday, Velour 100, Unashamed, Anberlin, the Blamed, Stavesacre, Focused, Ghoti Hook, Value Pac, Havalina Rail Co., Mortal, Ninety Pound Wuss, Plankeye, Poor Old Lu, POD, and Wish for Eden were constantly playing on my discman and being blared through the car stereo. Most of these bands are either artsy, hardcore, or punk. My wife…does not like Tooth and Nail’s style. In particular, she doesn’t care for Joy Electric.

Joy_electric Ronnie Martin is the genius behind the electronic music that is Joy Electric. It has always just intrigued me with all the different sounds he makes. I’m not a raver or anything like that, but I love to slip some j electric in every once in awhile, so if you check out the right column, you’ll see a new video from the band. It’s pretty funny.



  1. Mortal…they were awesome. Starflyer always scared me a bit and Joy Electric always sounded like somebody goofing off in the studio.
    Alas…Tooth and Nail still lives!
    (I’m still waiting for the Prayer Chain to get back together)

  2. Dude, I can relate. My wife is not a Stavesacre fan. Tolkein once wrote a book, the Silmarillion, and in it he describes the creation of Middle Earth: God singing. I think that if God created me while singing, Staves would have been his voice. My wife listens to the stuff W.O.W. puts out, I’ve still got “Blinded” pumping out my headphones. Different strokes for different folks. R.I.P. Staves.

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