Independence Day!

Dilbert2052373070703Today is indepence day and I love the fact that I live in America and have so many choices. One of the choices a lot of people don’t make is where they work. Sadly, this cartoon is very true. There are literally millions of people who work in jobs where a corporation treats them this way. Most companies need these type of employees to survive. The problem is, you might hate your job. If you are okay with it, then hey, I guess everything is cool. But I think a lot of people are frustrated.

I love my job. It gives me flexibility of both time and income. The sky’s the limit while still being able to take off and go to my girls’ sporting events, doctor’s appointments, or whatever they may have in the future.

There are so many different jobs out there today. My suggestion to you would be to figure out what you love, and try to make a job out of it. If you can’t survive doing something you love, find something you like that makes good money. Just get out there and look. Especially with the eminent takeover of our Web 2.0 generation, the jobs are becoming more and more creative and about the experience of the customer. Make it happen! Be Independent.


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