under the weather…

Undertheweather Man! Sometimes blogging just gets away from you. I don’t know if it’s because it is summer time but I have been so chill and not motivated to blog lately. Actually, last week I got the stomach flu again. Thursday night. Sick all night and into the morning. Slept all day. I even missed a good dinner with some good friends.

I could probably go back through my blog entries, but I’ve been sick like 5 times (with the flu) in the last couple of months. It’s really throwing me off. I’m lucky enough to know my Dr., he’s in our Sunday School type class at church. He’s a really great guy and I’ve only been going to him for about a year, but I’m excited to be going to him. I saw him on Sunday, we talked and so I have an appointment next Wednesday to see what’s going on. We think it might be stress related. Me and my partners at work were working on this multi-million dollar deal that came to a head on Friday. I had worked so hard and put so much energy into it, I think I kinda over-stressed. Well, I got sick and my partner closed the deal!

Next Wednesday, I’ll see if there is something wrong with me or not! I could use some prayer on this one. It’s getting really old.


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