Read any good books lateley?

Books In a week or so here I will find myself flying over the pacific ocean to a little island paradise called Hawaii. I’ll probably take 2 books and am not sure what to take. I have a couple sitting in my library at home that I haven’t picked up yet, but wanted to see if you all had any books that you really enjoyed reading or that you think would be great for lounging on the beach. I already have but have not read:

Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell

Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller

Brothers, we are not professionals by John Piper

The Signature of Jesus by Brennan Manning



  1. I liked Velvet Elvis. The Piper selection is in your face! (wouldn’t be my top vacation on the beach choice).
    I recently read two great books:
    Made To Stick
    by Chip & Dan Heath
    It’s about why some ideas work and others don’t. A lot of humor. If you’re business saavy (which I know you are what with workin’ multi-million dollar deals and all) you’d really enjoy it.
    Through A Screen Darkly
    by Jeffrey Overstreet
    He’s a Christian film critic who wrote a book about how to see God’s truth in movies. Well balanced and fun to read.
    Did I mention how jealous I am that you are going to Hawaii? Maui right? I hate you. (not really).

  2. Pocketguide to Adulthood – Jason Boyett. Absolutely hilarious. Loved every page of that book.
    Christian Culture Survival Guide – Matthew P. Turner. Another book full of laughs.
    Falling for God – Gary Moon. Spiritual growth book. I loved how he took the old school stuff and gave it a modern flair. Helped me out tremendously.
    Sex God – Rob Bell. He redefines sexuality as passion. Great and quick read.
    Revolutionary Communicator – J. Medifind. Goes into the role Jesus had as a communicator. Helps you improve your people skills. At least it did for me.

  3. My top recent reads are:
    -In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson
    -Confessions of a Pastor by Craig Groeschel
    -Anything by Malcolm Gladwell
    Velvet Elvis and Searching for God Knows What are great books as well.

  4. if you are reading on a beach in hawaii save the theology until you get back and pick up some worthless spy novels or mysteries. I have the list if you are interested…and it is good

  5. Velvet Elvis is wonderful! That’d be my vote.
    Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die by Crowder is also spectacular. Its deep and humorous at the same time. The overall topic is about mourning but one of the best I’ve read!
    Although I’m with Daniel here since your on vacation have some fun reads! Bring along a Calvin and Hobbes collection!

  6. Brian,
    I am not a reader but my mother in law gave me this small book (only 79 pages) that’s probably one of the best book I’ve read. I wish I could afford buying this book for all the father I know that have little girls. Its called “Intervieweing Your Daughter’s Date” by Dennis Rainey host of FamilyLife Today. You need to read it. We need to be ready for the horny boys that will be looking at our daughters soon!

  7. If you already have those four, then I would most assuredly recoomend taking Miller and Bell with you. Searching is my favorite Miller book, and probably the best book I have ever read in the theological/spirituality realm.
    love your blog!

  8. can never go wrong with piper. and the brothers one is a great read as each chapter is a diff topic.
    by the way, the westin i’m pretty sure you’re staying at, its the best, the beds are better than yours at home.
    and be sure to take your wife to “roys” and have the chocolate suflee for dessert. roys is my if-you-could-eat-at-only-one-restraunt-for-the-rest-of-your-life pick.
    and for a really good not over priced lunch head down the beach to the right (if youre facing the ocean) and hit up “leilani’s”.

  9. I’ve read Velvet Elvis, and i really liked it, and Ive read Searching for God knows what and i loved it aswell, they are both books that will make you think, Im sure the John piper book would be great, but maybe a bit intense for a holiday read…

  10. oh, i just noticed your reading J.I. Packer – Knowing God, i got bought it for my birthday, haven’t started it yet, is it good?

  11. velvet elvis was good. might i also recommend “how moveis helped save my soul” by gareth higgins or “the hollywood project” by alex field.

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