Daddy-Daughter Date

Dsc_0025 For father’s day, my parents gave me giftcards to Toys R Us and Marble Slab Ice Cream for the intention of me and Kiara going out on a date. What an amazing gift because I love spending time with my baby girl, especially just the two of us. It was so cute because she was super excited about it a couple of days before and when I asked if mommy and baby could come with us to dinner, then we would go out, she quickly replied, "no, just me and you".

So, as a major treat night started, we went to McDonald’s. I NEVER go to MickeyD’s. She had a happy meal and played in the funhouse area. At Toys R Us was hilarious as she would pick up or point to every toy saying, "daddy this is cool, can we get it?" My reply, "no baby, it’s…" We ended up getting a little Finding Nemo pool for the backyard, a fish that swims in the water, and a coloring book for when we are gone. It was fun literally running around the store with her and letting her take the lead. She just lives life so full. Everything is running, playing, screaming, eating…I love it.

When we were sitting outside later eating our ice cream she put it down because she wanted to go play with the other girls who were running around. She didn’t know them, but she wanted to run around in circles with them. So…I let her. It was a great night, very chill just me and my girl. I can’t wait until my other one gets old enough to go do stuff.



  1. I think Daddy-daughter dates are so important. Plus, they can be so much fun. We dads need to show our girls how they should expect to be treated.

  2. I know this is a cliche` but it is soooooo true: enjoy this time while it lasts! This comes from a parent who just had my oldest turn 13. 13 for Pete’s sake!!!! I remember him running around McDonald’s totally engrossed in the other kids and their games. It seems likes only a few weeks ago. I love when dad’s do the date thing. It means so much to them when daddy takes time!

  3. The truth is, there is really nothing in the whole world as important as your children and wife. Families are everything and without them life is nothing.. Good job.

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