not myself quite yet

Jetlag Sorry I haven’t been posting, but I was on vacation with my wife in Hawaii and we basically hung out and relaxed the whole time, so I wasn’t in the room wanting to blog. I will be posting stuff from the trip, in fact, last night I started going through all of our pictures.

So, there I was, sitting on my couch, I popped open the lid to my mac, and started looking at the pics. Next thing I know, Jacinda is waking me up saying, "babe, if you’re that tired, just go to bed". Okay…It was only 7:30! I don’t know if I got jet lag or if the 10 hour day of work was just too much for me, but I totally went to bed at 7:30, 15 minutes after we put the kids down.

Carlos and Heather are coming to stay with us later this week, so I better store up some sleep hours for that anyway! Isn’t it funny that you kind of need a vacation after your vacation just to get back to normal? Feeling pretty good right now though!


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