My Baby is growing up

MelaniaToday, exactly 12 months and a couple of minutes ago, my little baby came into this world. Melania is our second little girl, and after having Kiara for over 2 years, I thought she would always be number 1 and I was seriously scared that I wouldn’t be able to love this kid as much as her.
Well, she proved me wrong and God truly opened up a new place in my heart for her. I can’t believe that He gave me not just one, but 2 amazingly beautiful little girls who look just like their mom. It is so true what everyone says about how fast it happens.
I love you Melania! Happy Birthday!



  1. Hi,
    I have always been impressed with PC3’s praise and worship song selection. I moved to Bakersfield 5 years ago and lead worship twice a month at my local church. We love Hillsong, Gateway, Vineyard, etc. I haven’t been able to visit People’s Church in a while and was wondering what songs were popular right now for the PC3 services. Thanks

  2. Oh my goodness..has it been a year? I totally sounded old just then. So happy birthday Little One…and know that I am so thankful to be in your (Brian)circle of friends. What an honor to have prayed for this beautiful girl, your family and you. It is rad that God connects His family that way He does.

  3. I think children growing up is one of the cruelest tricks God plays. They don’t stay babies long enough.

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