great quote

078526371301 This is my latest book adventure and I’m loving it. It does flow together, but it feels like a group of small essays. This is a great quote about how we treat others. Donald Miller is recounting a time in Jr. High and how the hierarchy of who’s popular worked and about a kid that was the outsider.

"I get this feeling sometimes that after the world ends, when God destroys all our buildings and our flags, we will wish we had seen everybody as equal, that we had eaten dinner with prostitutes, held them in our arms, opened up spare roons for them and loved them and learned from them. I was just another stupid child in the flow, you know; I didn’t know any of these things. I didn’t know it didn’t matter what a person looked like, how much money they made or whether or not they were cool. I didn’t know that cool was just a myth and that one person was just as beautiful and meaningful as another…You can hardly fault me for this stuff, can you? Like I said, it felt important to climb the social ladder, it felt important to defend our identities, it felt as though we were saving our own lives."

-Donald Miller

Wow, I have a lot to learn…



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