what a weekend!

Bourneultimatumposter0 If you haven’t heard about Carlos and Heather’s new adventure, go to RagamuffinSoul.com

So, the Whittaker’s arrived at our house about 10pm on Thursday night, we of course hung out kinda late that night and let the girls play for a while. Friday, I still went to work, but left at 1 which couldn’t have come sooner. I wanted to be home so bad even though they weren’t really doing anything. I changed in my office and met them all at Dog House for some Tri-Tip sandwiches and my favorite Steak Cobb Salad. mmmm. Carlos and I took the kids home while the girls went shopping for the party. When they got back, we all went over to the Farmer’s Market in Old Town Clovis for kettle corn, fruit, and pole vaulting. that’s right…pole vaulting.

There was this national pole vaulting competition going on right there in clovis. so weird, but fun to watch. Since we got there at 5:30, we almost melted in the heat, so the A/C in the car was welcomed as we drove home to drop the kiddos of with the babysitters. We changed clothes and went to buy our movie tickets. Los’ iPhone beat out my Blackberry trying to find the number for the restaurant. That’s just another reason why I need an iPhone: dinner reservations. We had a great dinner although the waitress totally shattered a corona all over me and Los’ feet. Carlos and Heather have been friends of ours for years and years, but the amount of times that we’ve actually been out alone, without kids, has been few and far between. It was so fun to just go out and talk and hang out. We went and saw the Bourne Ultimatum at 10pm (maybe a record late-night for me in awhile). I thought the movie was really good; packed with action and really entertaining.

Saturday we were running around with our heads cut-off getting ready for the party and it went off great. Lots of family, a couple friends, BBQ, pool, and Melania being uninhibited while eating a piece of cake. It was hilarious. Pictures to come soon. 



  1. Glad you guys got to hang with Los & Heather before they leave. I saw Borne today and thought it was good … I sat too close which isn’t good in a Borne flick.
    Also, great choice for your video of the week, I love those guys.

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