Pasta, a Funny, and iMac

I_now_pronounce_you_chuck_and_larry Last night Jacinda and I went out to a nice restaurant here in Fresno called FIVE. I’ve been helping a friend out with all of his investments, but not really getting paid for it because of what we’re doing, so he gave me a gift certificate to FIVE. Very cool.

I had Gnocci. It’s a potato based pasta that is kind of like a dough. Jacinda had Salmon and Halibut with a Goat Cheese stuffed Serrano Chile Pepper. They were both really good. Plus, we still have enough to go out another night! Then we went home really quick because it actually ended up being a really nice night and Jacinda got cold. Then, off to the movies.

We saw, "I now pronounce you Chuck & Larry" with Adam Sandler and Kevin James. i love both of these guys so I knew it would be funny. There were a couple of points where they could’ve gone over the edge, but they treaded the line pretty close. The story is pretty obvious, but it was still fun to watch. They actually made a good statement about human rights while not totally supporting (they actually made fun of) gay rights. They showed how the Crazy Christians treated the homo’s and how their co-workers treated them. I’m not going to open a full discussion here about homosexuality, but they helped open the emotional side of the argument up. Jacinda and I talked almost the whole way home about the origin of sin, being born into sin, people who have gay tendencies, how they must feel to the world and how so many of the young gays that we see we think is more of a fad, like how goth was the "non-conforming" crowd in high school.

Imac24 Keep your eye on today. I think we will be seeing a new version of the iMac coming out. Everytime Steve Jobs makes one of his talks, the stock seems to go up too. So, check out AAPL on today! It is probably too late now, but a tip that might help in the future! Maybe.



  1. “Apple’s stock finished the day at $135.03, down 22 cents per share.”
    Interesting. I thought it would be up a bit. Desktops aren’t as sexy I guess.

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