More than Meets the Eye

Transformers_movie_poster_optimus_p Date Night last night: We had a 2 for 1 coupon for this mexican food restaurant around the corner from our house. Fajita Fiesta. It wasn’t my favorite, but $13 for 2 meals OUT isn’t bad. We stopped by RiteAid to grab some Red Vines and off to the movies.

Transformers were one of the few things when I was a child that I was really into. I think I had transformer sheets! They are probably all still sitting in a box somewhere in my parent’s garage. If you’re wondering my other childhood vices were MASK and He-Man.

This movie had the huge possibility of being really cheesy. I’ve heard from guys and girls that they liked it. I gotta say, it was way better than I expected! I am actually surprised at how much I liked it. It was like being a kid again, but still, as an adult, being completely entertained like a normal action film. I won’t push it on you too much, because I don’t want to build it up more than necessary. Let me just say that Optimus Prime Rocks and Megatron Sucks. I’ll give it a 4.5 out 5 autobots.



  1. I liked it too. I was worried it would be stupid, but it was a good movie, probably in my top five for the year so far.
    Also, it didn’t hurt that Shia LaBeouf was in it. He is good.

  2. I haven’t seen this one yet but I will soon. we took our first opportunity out and went to see The Bourne Ultimatum. Glad you liked it. Oh and I’m all over the coupon thing. Nothing better than a 2 for 1 dinner.

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