New styles of Worship Music

Timhughes2727297 I found this over at Tim Hughes’ blog. If you don’t know Tim Hughes, then I don’t like you. He wrote songs like, "Here I am to worship", "beautiful one", and "Consuming Fire". His songs get covered by other bands a lot and people don’t know that he actually wrote them. I always call/email my local station complaining that they don’t play redman or hughes enough, instead they’re playing the cover by Newsboys or jeremy camp or whatever. That’s my rant. Here’s the quote from his site about a newspaper review about new worship music:

Below is an extract from an American Newspaper objecting to new trends in church music.

“There are several reasons for opposing it. One, it’s too new. Two, it’s often worldly, even blasphemous. The new Christian music is not as pleasant as the more established style. Because there are so many new songs, you can’t learn them all. It puts too much emphasis on instrumental music rather than godly lyrics. This new music creates disturbances making people act indecently and disorderly. The preceding generation got along without it. It’s a money making scam and some of these new music upstarts are lewd and loose.”

Who were they attacking? It wasn’t Delirious? or Matt Redman. They were attacking the hymn writer Isaac Watts, famous for writing ‘When I survey,’ in 1723! The old hymns once upon a time were radical and cutting edge. Our music and our songs must also always be pushing new ground. Let’s go for it.



  1. grrr… some people really bug me… i love Old Hymns set to more modern music, I saw Tomlin doing his version of amazing grace the otehr night, and it was great!

  2. Yeah that’s a great quote and thing to stir people up with 🙂
    Your rant is actually why I can’t stand Tree 63. I think every single they’ve released had been a Redman tune. I do the same thing with this monthly survey I get from our radio station: “Play the songs by the original artist! It’s better!”

  3. yeah…the church building is right here on Arlington…and we live right next to it in a parsonage…or a house…I like to think of it as a house. Good ol’ Phoenix Avenue…

  4. So not to totally sound like a moron…but I don’t get it. I have followed and agreed with your other posts prior this one about worship music…bla bla and then this…what the heck are you talking about? Whatever. I think that Christian music is dumb anyways. I dig WORSHIP music totally…but all that other crap is retarded.

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