not sure how i feel

Preschool I just got back from dropping my 1st daughter, my little girl, my baby, off at preschool. She has been super excited about it for the past couple weeks. She seemed very comfortable there and we’re cool with the place…obviously. You know, we drop her off every Sunday for several hours while we are at church, changing teachers and environments every year, so she’s used to large groups of kids, new rooms, new teachers, and screamers. One of the little girls in her class apparently has never been out of eye-line of her "mommy" because she wouldn’t stop screaming it for the 30 minutes that we were in the class observing. poor kid and poor parent, but I gotta be honest…what were they thinking? You can’t shelter your kids from everything except your little family. you gotta get them out there and let them grow on their own.

Anyway, I was worried that I might start crying or something, but I was totally cool. It will probably hit me tonight and I’ll curl up fetal style and cry myself to sleep!



  1. Ahhh….Brian this is a big step! I applaud you on your courage (I find rocking in the fetal position helps). What preschool did you two pick?

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