beer update

Beerdelgrande_narrowweb__300x4600 On Sunday night we hung out with a bunch of friends which was really cool. They were all people we’ve been friends with for lots of years, but because of our busy lives, we basically just hung out when we ministered together; high school group, bible study, college group, leadership meetings and so on. We finally just decided that we need to not make it a big deal and all just get together. Let the kids run around crazy, put some meat on a BBQ, and have fun. We had some bangin’ tri-tip, salad, and fruit with the night ending up with a bunch of guys yelling at each other playing Madden on the Xbox.

A couple of the guys were discussing their "brew" of choice when my "first time to ever finish a beer" story came up. I mentioned that I would like to try another beer with the limes and salt in it. They got all excited and created a citrusy-salty corona-esque beer for me. It was better, and I finished drinking the whole thing (number 2!), but I will say this…it was my last. I just don’t enjoy it. I’ll maybe try something here or there, and would like to try wine pairing (hint, hint Tim!) but I will never again order a beer or attempt to drink one on my own. It’s too expensive, too calorie heavy, and too nasty for me to kill my taste buds with! So There!



  1. Bro you are the most honest person I know when it comes to the mighty brew. Years ago while I was holding down the gag reflex trying to fit in you stood strong and had a Pepsi. I commend your palate and fortitude, and lament my expensive gut creating indulgence

  2. Ok, well now that you’ve at least tried it and finished two, I’m going to have to try and have one with my brother/best man at my bachelor party. Plus, it would be my treat. I won’t force you to drink the whole thing, but if you felt inclined to, that would be cool too. I know it’s so cliché, but it would be fun to just have a casual beer with my brother. Say hi to all the girls for me. Love you guys.

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