out with the old, in with the new

I9Well, I sold my 2001 Honda today. It was the first big purchase that Jacinda made when we first got married. I can still remember trading in her Mazda 626 and driving home this beautiful car. It’s amazing because I almost felt like I was saying good-bye to a friend or something. I don’t think I’ve ever owned anything for 6 years before. Nothing like that.
It was kind of a time-consuming process with the guy going back and forth to the bank, signatures and what not. Plus, I’ve been looking around all day on what I want to get next.
I have been looking at new cars for about the last month, trying to find the best deal, most car for the money and something in my price range. I thought all day how nice it would be to just bankroll the thousands I just put in my checking account and halfway joked about riding my bike to work everyday. Could you imagine driving to work in the morning, almost hitting a guy on his bike, all to find out that was your broker? Kinda weird. Along with my job, comes and expectancy…an idea that you should have the nice car, the nice clothes and the big house because that’s what you do right, manage money?! This guy gave me this quote once:
"I want my CPA to drive a Hyundai and I want my broker to drive a Ferrari"

He was implying that because his broker is so good at making money for his clients, he makes a lot too. So much of this business is based on image though and it’s a hard line to balance. Like I could even afford a Ferrari right now! It’s one of those crossroads that I always seem to come across. Wall Street says to promote yourself, and Christ says to humble yourself and promote Him. It’s kind of like going for a job interview. It’s one of those weird situations in which you have to brag about yourself and show the perfect image in order to be successful. It’s a paradox.

Hopefully I’ll pick up my new car tomorrow! What will it be? What do you guys all drive? or wish you drive?



  1. Mazda, Mazda, Mazda. Love ’em. Never had any problems with ’em.
    Of course, part of that is probably that I know a very talented and VERY honest Mazda mechanic.

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