I’m in the mood for change

SpringcleaningI don’t know if it’s because I’m bored, or that one of my best friends is moving across the country, or that I am drinking in more sugar than I have in awhile in my Coca-Cola Slurpee from 7eleven, but, I’m in the mood to change some things around. I’m gonna start with my blog. So, it might look a little weird for awhile. I’ll probably be moving stuff here and there.
I realized that I hardly ever go to people’s actual blogs because I read most of them with my RSS (Google Reader). Plus, it just seems a little cluttered. So, here it goes…



  1. I like the change on your blog…but I don’t understand the link thing on your priv. post. As I am a true blogger…I go through one by one and read them faithfully. You know, because I pray and honor my friends…not cheat through rss feed or whatever. I am so getting to heaven off of that alone. Heck yeah I am. Oh yes, I said Heck Yeah. Not hale yeah…you gonna do something about it?

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