caffeine won’t even help me now.

Tired_husband As, you probably know, yesterday was Carlos and Heather’s last official day at Sandals Church in Riverside. I drove down on Saturday with my 2 girls and hung out while Jacinda was at a bachelorette party all weekend in San Diego. Saturday was cool. My good friend Bogie and his wife Becca came over, they started blogs (I need to get those web addresses), and we watched "Talladega nights". Shake and Bake!

Sunday, was full of church. I dropped the girls, Heather and their 3 kids off at their children’s ministry (sorry about that Janie!) which they creatively call, "flip-flops" and then I headed to Barnes and Noble for some "me time". I went back to the 11 o’clock service because that was the one that the guy from LA Ink was going to be filming stuff. We then headed back to the Whittaker’s house, grabbed some lunch with his folks and after Jacinda got there to relieve me of some of the kid duties, I crashed. I slept for about an hour and then we got ready and headed to Sandals, one last time.

It was pretty emotional, which is exhausting in and of itself. We left Riverside by 9:30 and didn’t get to Fresno until 2am! That’s just when I walked in the door. I can’t even remember when I actually got to bed. I wanted to curse my alarm this morning, but I was here, right around 7, but it feels like there is a monkey on my back. In college, I totally could’ve pulled this off, but now I practically need an IV with caffeine in it. I’m feeling pretty good now, just still sluggish.

Carlos flew to Atlanta last night after the service. Hope you’re doing good buddy.



  1. I am right there with you… trouble is I got more rest and sleep this weekend than any other in recent memory, just proves the point again and again “an object in motion remains in motion an object at rest remains at rest”

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