party @ the Miller’s

Shabaglian_small I’m at Brian and Kim Miller’s Housewarming party right now and trying to convert my old jr. high buddy, jon over to a real blog from the wrongSpace. you can check him out here:

If you have WackSpace, send him a message!



  1. sorry,I am cheating.I have called your wife times today. And tomorrow is kinda crazy for me. So… Here is what i needed to ask her. I wanted to see if she would bring down her crock pot. I also wanted you to make sure you print out directions incase we are already up there when you guys get down here. I would also pack your pack n play if you want to put melania down at the party. I am taking ours for losiah. So I would need you to take yours for her. Those are the major things I have a phone now so you can reach me on my cell. I cant wait to see you guys. H

  2. Hey Brian! My name is Skyler, my wife Amy and I look reading your blog. You have such a great family…So, no longer lurking quietly, we wanted to jump out and introduce ourselves. Thanks for sharing your lives!

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