new traditions

Hillsong_united_lookOur church is going through a major re-haul right now. Our sr. pastor announced that he is going to retire next year and so everything is changing. We have three services on Sunday mornings and the one that we are involved with is the third service, entitled PC3 (Peoples Church 3rd Service). Jacinda and I have led worship in there every other month or so now for about 2 years. We love leading worship and have been honored at the opportunity they have given us. Well, things haven’t been going so great in there and about a week and a half ago, we had a meeting involving many of the "leaders" of the service. It was great!
We got some major things off of our chest and are now really excited to see what God is going to do. He is uniting everyone and we all seem to really be on the same page with where to go.
Yesterday, I had the first of many lunches for planning what worship will look like in that service. The other 3 guys who lead actually work at the church in the worship ministries, so, I’m kinda the black sheep.  We are all getting really excited about what we are going to see come to pass. Anyway, I’m really amped for where we are going and can’t even think about what I want to say about all that. All I know is that I’m ready for our huge God to have his say in our services!
Jacinda and I are committed to our church and to this service, but we haven’t been doing much about it in our personal time. So last night we started something new: weekly Bible Study with just the two of us.

We started by playing/singing through some songbooks we have just to look for some new songs and to have our own personal worship time. I think that people think sometimes that just because we are worship leaders together that we must do that everynight, but we don’t. we’re not that spiritual. We talked over some songs and then started watching some of the bonus footage from Matt Redman’s "Facedown" DVD. This thing is a must. It is basically a worship conversation with people like graham kendrick, louie giglio, matt redman, darlene zschech and boy is it inspiring. I will have to go into that later. I’ll leave you with a nice, happy song that hasn’t been given too much air play:

oh lovely appearance of death,
what sight upon earth is so fair?
in all of the pageants of life,
can’t with a dead body compare.

=Charles Wesley

Pretty amazing hugh. We need to think about what we are singing…



  1. That Facedown stuff is fantastic. You are right on about that! Thanks for sharing.
    PS – I’ve been enjoying the blog and just linked you. Would you be down for a little reciprocal link love?

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