I got some new kicks

Picture_1Last weekend when we ran, my feet hurt so bad and my right foot kept falling asleep. Apparently this is one of the causes of old shoes. So, today I went to the local, Sierra Running Co. where they fit you for running shoes. It’s hard, but you try not to look at the prices and just buy the best thing for you. They really steer you in the right direction though.

I ended up picking these mizuno’s which were a good $50 from the top of the price chart…thank god. Along with my $11 socks, I am ready to go for tomorrow morning! Going for a new long distance…6 miles.


One comment

  1. I am finally in my last few weeks of marathon training (which is a blessing). For the last 16 weeks I have been running (training?) in the Inspire 3s. They are good shoes, but you may want to spend another $30-35 for some insoles – Mizuno has some great shoes, but their insoles are lacking!
    Have a great run!

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