Well, I tried…

Picture_2After training for a couple weeks, Jacinda and I decided not to do the half marathon in November. Our other friends, Nick and Heidi might still be doing it, but Nick is having some major knee issues. I was doing pretty good, I got up to 6 miles, but the rigorous schedule we were on to get miles in, was killing us.
Jacinda and I both got sick together…twice. The first time it was the flu, the second time, Strep Throat. So, we figured our lives are just too crazy to be running 4 miles three times a week and running even longer on Saturdays. After those two times of being sick, it was really hard to get back up running again. We did a 5k one Sunday afternoon and I thought I was going to die!
There are other reasons that’ll I’ll talk about later too, but I just wanted to explain why we weren’t doing it. Maybe next year.



  1. That stinks. There is a surf city one in Huntington Beach in Feb. I’m thinking about doing it. Let me know what u guys think.

  2. After Andrew and I ran the marathon, it was so amazing to get our TIME back! We finally could do something on Saturdays again. God knows you can’t really do a whole lot after a 15 mile run. I totally understand

  3. Gives you more time to strengthen your Iron Man Ironing Skills 🙂
    heehee…actually my first “real” job was at a Tuxedo Rental place and I do all the ironing in my family as well!

  4. Hey there. We are all registered for Surf City in Huntington. Scott runs the full marathon and I do the whimpy 5K. I am going for speed this year. I was on Jacinda’s blog and hopped over to yours. Pretty fun stuff here. TJ read Velvet Elvis, too. He recommended it to us! Come to Huntington Beach in February. It is a blast and the easiest course around, not to mention beautiful!

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