Worship Set List


We have this whole new set up for the third service at our church. My wife and I "retired" from leading worship in our church’s college group a year ago and since then have been asked to lead worship a half dozen times or so in our main service or as we like to call it…"Big Church". Now, Jacinda and I are officially part of the rotation of worship leaders.
There are six of us total who kind of make up the worship leading team and we could all be on stage or just two of us, it just depends. Four of us play instruments, so we might just be an instrumentalist one week, or a background singer, and we all will rotate on the lead. This week was my week, so I thought I’d post along with all the rest of you my worship set:
Awesome is the Lord by Chris Tomlin
Came to My Rescue by Marty Sampson, Joel Davies, Dylan Thomas (Hillsong United)
From the Inside Out by Joel Houston (Hillsong United)
Surrender by Marc James (Vineyard)

It was our first run at "Came to My Rescue" and it went really good. We use these "in-ear" monitors and these Aviom set-ups for our individual mixes. Apparently I didn’t save my settings from our practice night, so I couldn’t hear myself singing at all. Nightmare right? So, I pull out one of my ears in order to hear myself, but leave the other one in so I don’t get set on the beat that is bouncing off the walls. The amazing thing was actually getting to hear the congregation singing the bridge of the song in unison,

"In my life, be lifted high.
In our world, be lifted high.
In our love, be lifted high."

I think as a worship leader, one of the most beautiful things about worship is when you stop singing and hear the room singing.



  1. I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it was! So great…it is so fun getting excited to see what happens each week in PC3…amazing!

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