Jacinda’s 10 year reunion

Img_0931On Saturday, Jacinda, Mignon (one of Jacinda’s best friends) and I went to her 10 year high school reunion. She had a graduating class of 600 something and 120 or so people showed up. It was actually pretty cool.
There were a couple of people I recognized, a lot that I didn’t, but there were other husbands there who didn’t know anyone, so we banded together.
One guy, Frank, I actually met at a wedding that Jacinda was in about a month ago. Our wives were in the wedding and we didn’t know too many other people there, so we started talking at the rehersal dinner. He was a cool guy, lived in the bay area, and we hit it off. So, knowing the reunion was coming up, I felt a little more comfortable knowing I would at least know this guy.
As per previous posts, you should now know that I can’t stand alcohol, literally, the taste of it. I don’t give a rip if my buddy wants to have a couple beers at dinner or at the game. whatever. I just can’t stomach the stuff…any of it: beer, wine, champagne, liquor. So, this obviously came up with Frank and I at the bachelor party so he "educated" me on some different wines. I tried this white wine that actually wasn’t bad. The next day at the wedding I tried a red wine…still nasty. So, at the reunion the first thing he says is, "hey, can I get you a drink?"
We go over to the bar, I order some Pino griggio (that’s how it sounds anyway) and he gets whatever. He goes to pay for the drink and the barkeep doesn’t take cards. He yells at his wife to see if she has cash, nope. So, I pay for the drinks! I gave him a hard time all night, "hey, thanks for the wine, it was good".
The reunion actually turned out to be pretty fun. I always thought it would be a lot of, "Yeah, I do this…" and "I’m so cool because…", but everyone seemed really cool, at least the people Jacinda and Mignon knew. It seemed like half the girls there were pregnant, so that was fun to talk about. Most of them were just on their first, so it was hilarious to see the fear in these guy’s eyes. We vowed that we weren’t going to get on the dance floor because of some interesting YouTube posts from last year’s reunion, but when JT brought SexyBack, we couldn’t help it. I actually got dragged out there…I really hate dancing. All in all, it was a great night. Can’t wait for my reunion next month.


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