Picture_3When you are a mac person you talk about mac’s…a lot. I’ve been preaching about these things for awhile. So last week, my in-law’s went to our Apple Store here in town and picked up the new 24" iMac. It is enormous! In the store is one thing, but get it in a desk and sit down in front of it, the thing is uge. (I meant to spell it like that, I was emulating Donald Trump). I set up their email accounts on Mail and put Firefox on last night, man, I’m jealous.



  1. Hey Hale,
    Ahhh, California! I was wondering, how do worshipers feel about “women wearing pants to worship” in California. I would like you to view the article I just put up on my blog about “women wearing pants to church”. I meet women that often say they feel guilty for wearing pants to church. Do you think that the incident that took place in my office might explain “dresses” and “pants” a little better?
    In Jesus
    Bro.Texas Ron Linebarger

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