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BackyardigansI just got home from the gym, Jacinda went shopping, leaving me with the kids. We quickly cleaned up the mess they made in our bathroom while I was in the shower, and headed to the living room. One of our favorite things to do together is watch our favorite TV shows. We limit Kiara to a couple shows a day, so you gotta make ’em count.
There are only a couple of kids shows that I can even stand let alone watch for 30 minutes. This is obviously a post for all the parents out there, but these our my favorite three shows. I can watch these over and over, episode by episode. Just like I watched Finding Nemo for a good part of 2005.
The Backyardigans on Nickelodeon. These 5 characters go on adventures in their backyard, sing songs, and actually get down with their bad selves! You gotta see it to believe it. They got some moves that I swear I saw JT do on his "SexyBack" tour.
Handy Manny and Higglytown Heroes are both on Disney. Handy Manny is a bilingual cartoon that you can stand. That other cartoon, Dora, she bugs. She yells the entire time! Manny is polite, a handyman, and I think he has a crush on Kelly, the supply store owner. The voice is none other than Fez from "that 70’s show". That is probably my favorite, but me and Kiara have been watching Higglytown Heroes the longest.
The theme song is sung by "They might be giants" and they sing the same song everytime that we scream out at the top of our lungs.

So, all you parents out there, what is your favorite kids show?


  1. Well the hands down favorite of my 2 year old is Little Einsteins! She loves, loves, loves Rocket and all their wild adventures. It was the only thing that got us off Finding Nemo 🙂
    A close second is Micky Mouse Clubhouse and coming in 3rd is Handy Manny.
    Oh, and Manny SO CRUSHES ON Kelly! My wife and I laugh about that every episode!

  2. We don’t get cable so it’s all about PBS at our house–and we don’t watch a lot of TV or movies anyway. But Curious George is playing on our set EVERY morning. I like it too, though they have so few episodes, it seems like they are constantly repeating! Not a kids’ show per se, but we used to watch Wheel of Fortune together most nights. I don’t know how that started but it’s fun for everyone.

  3. i know…the Higglytown Heroes song is sometimes stuck in my head all day long, they LOVE that one as well as handy manny & little einsteins, and i’d have to say that winnie the pooh and mickeymouse clubhouse are 2 of the newer favotites. kaia just recently started to get into hannah montana and high school musical although i still think she’s kinda young for those. every now and then she’ll see a few minutes of those. wow, my list of shows makes it look like she does nothing but watch t.v. we also limit the amount of t.v. she watches.

  4. Don’t tell anyone, but I would watch the Backyardigans by myself. I also like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It’s quickly becoming a family ritual for daddy and Hannah to get up and watch these in the morning.

  5. I love Backyardigans. And how could you forget LazyTown?

    Caedmon (my son) has been watching a lot of boomerang lately. So I have been able to watch some old school stuff.

  6. We also don’t have cable. There are 3 new shows this season on PBS that are so educational but still lots of fun.
    Super Why
    Word World
    and Word Girl

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