Weekend rentals

License_to_wedJacinda and I have had a whopper of a week, (more to come on that probably at a later time) and we needed to chill this weekend. We have this DVD Play kiosk thing at our local Vons grocery store. I haven’t seen too many of them, so I’m not sure how they decide where to put them. Anyways, I got this coupon code via email and got two movies for $1.60. I know, killer.
They are pretty limited on selection and quantity so new releases go out pretty fast. We got lucky and rented "License to Wed" and "Meet the Robinsons". One for mommy and daddy and one for the whole family.
I really liked License to Wed. I thought there were a bunch of funny parts, especially the one liner’s from Robin Williams. It seemed like the whole "Office" was there minus Steve Carrell. There was also lots of little religious jokes which I thought were hilarious. All in all, it was a great rental. I’ll give it 3.5 out of 5 Hallelujahs.
We had seen Meet the Robinson’s in the theater, but it was worth renting again. It was so funny and I just love Disney movies that I think I’ll always be a fan. Kiara was still scared at a couple parts and even cried at one point, but the little bits of adult humor mixed in with a moral message for the kids is always a good thing. Meet the Robinsons gets 4.5 successful inventions out of 5.
I recommend both.



  1. I’m glad that you guys got time to chill. I know you were both in NEED big time.
    My dodo’s love Meet the Robinson’s! In fact we watched it today šŸ™‚
    see you all soon!

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