new restaurant in Fresno

Fish_tacosI met 3 buddies today for lunch. Mike, Matt, Joe and I went to Wahoo’s which just opened out on Palm and Nees next to the new GB3. I’ve eaten at Wahoo’s in San Jose and down in LA, but we just got ours in the last week or so.
I don’t know why they are so good, it seems like a weird combo, but I love fish tacos.
Plus, since the place is brand-new it is like the new hot spot. I saw several people I know there eating.
So, if you like fish tacos or you think Rubio’s is any good, then you will love Wahoo’s, it’s the best!



  1. I’m going to have to try that. I remember first hearing of fish tacos and it sounded so disgusting–but I’d never had one. A few years back I tried one and have loved them ever since! And I especially love Rubio’s!

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