The market took names today!

Picture_1The stock market rallied today for the second day in a row. Up 331 points is huge!
I might have mentioned this before, but I work in the stock market. I actually got "busted" at my company earlier this year because I had a picture of my stock screener on my blog. We aren’t supposed to show any of our internal systems out on the web. All of our emails our read by my manager and anything I do even outside of work can be linked back to me. There are many rules within my company and government agencies that I have to adhere to. I actually didn’t mean to break any of the rules, I just didn’t know that it was a rule.
Last year we had an auditor come to our office. He basically "googles" your name and tries to find stuff out about you…a type of private investigator of sorts. Well, as soon as he put my name in, he found my blog. I had to sign an official statement and everything.
The hardest thing about it, is that I basically run my own business. I have a manager, but I pretty much run my own show. I’m not "on the clock" which means I work more (like 50 hours a week) and you make money relative to how hard you work. I could take the next month off if I want, I just wouldn’t make any money! But, since I work for this huge corporation (I’m not allowed to say who I work for either), I have to follow their rules. So, it’s somewhere in the middle of being independent and being owned.
All of us bloggers know that to write a blog post takes just a couple minutes. You hear or see something and you want to share it with the world, so I would toggle screens, and do 1 maybe two blog posts a day…during the day. Now, I can’t so my blogging has really been lagging. I get home, after working 10 hours, and just crash. no creativity when I’m tired. So, I’m sorry. I’ve even thought about giving it up, but I really don’t want too. I just gotta make the time.



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