My new child…

Picture_2Sunday, one of my best friends, Chad and his wife were over at our house along with some other great friends, Dave and Amanda. Chad, and his wife Emma are missionaries in Romania and we get to see them for just a couple of weeks a year. This trip was even shorter than most. I was working on my iBook G4 and Chad goes, "is that a G4?". I reply, "yep". He then goes on to tell me that he’s been looking at buying a used one on eBay, but with much less on the specs side. He tells me the range and I say, "Dude! I’ll totally sell you mine for $___" We make a quick deal and I no longer own a computer.
I go to the apple store that day and pick me up a brand new macbook for about double the price of what I just sold my G4. Jacinda and I are pretty tight for Christmas this year, so we both chip in as it will be our family Christmas present and whoala! we got a new computer!

The main reason that we wanted a new one was the hard drive was smaller on our G4 and since we have more than 13,000 pictures and 25GB, the iPhoto program that we had would run really slow. I had taken it into the apple store’s genius bar once before and they informed me that my version of iPhoto wasn’t made to handle that volume of pictures. Interesting…

Anyways, it worked out perfectly for us. They got a well-loved (even heather commented on how clean we kept the thing) machine with some extra software and we got a brand new, leopard toting, built in camera and 802.11n wifi, MacBook. Yeehaw!



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