Ptru13695052regJacinda and I went out tonight because I was missin’ the whole family too much last night, I had to postpone date night.
We went out for some mexican food and the burrito I ordered was the size of one of those bass fish’s that grandpa has hanging in the living room. I just cut it in half and asked for a box. We had a great time catching up, syncing all of our holiday activities and planning for Christmas.
We went across the street to Target and started looking for some Christmas presents for the girls. This year our church is doing this really cool focus on spending less, loving more, giving more…you know the drill. Well this year it’s not just talk. We are raising money to dig wells in Africa for people without clean drinking water. We are doing something!
Jacinda and I are really trying to grab onto this whole way of thinking and trying to focus on family instead of festivities and playing games together instead of buying new toys that will sit in the closet. As we are looking for some cool things for the girls, Jacinda picks up this Disney Princess Cash Register. She’s like, "this is actually really cute" and I just start laughing. "That is so ironic" is all I could say. I thought our daughter would love it too, but here we are trying to spend less and discourage the whole "shopping is my life" mentality and we’re going to buy her a cash register complete with debit cards and shopping lists for fantastical princess picnics. Hilarious. Makes you think.



  1. LOL. Yeah, we are trying to emphasize less spending as well. My wife is making a lot of the presents this year. She is an exceptional knitter and has already made the kids Hackey Sacks and super hero capes among other things.

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