Nice Night In

Waitress_movie_posterTonight I had a nice night in. I left work at 2:30 today because I had my follow-up CT Scan. This one will tell us how good all the sinus medication did. Hopefully we’ll see some good results.
I came home to a 1 year old screaming and my 4 year old wearing about 3 different princess dresses on top of each other. Jacinda and my mom went shopping while my dad and I played with the rugrats. It was hilarious at first, Kiara putting on a little ballet for us, then it went south. fast.
Both of the girls got tired, the crying and fussing ensued, and the Mickey Mouse Christmas Movie got put on. My dad and I held our own until the mom’s got home. We ate some mexican food and put the girls to bed.
I ran out for some ice cream, Rocky Road in the house!, and got a movie. My parents had seen everything I wanted to rent, but my mom suggested, "The Waitress" with Keri Russell.
It was different, but good. I especially liked Andy Griffith’s character. Everytime I see him though I just think…Matlock. Anyway, the movie was actually pretty good. Really quirky, not the way I wanted to end, but still good. I’ll give it 3 pieces of pie out of 5.



  1. Y’know it wasn’t until the very end of the movie when the credits were rolling that I realized it was Andy Griffith. The entire movie I was trying to remember that character…how do you forget Matlock!?

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