My Margins are too Narrow

NarrowmargintitleI just got home. 5:45pm. I left for work at 7:30 this morning, which was later than I’d like. I took an hour for lunch in which I drove to Costco, looked around for Christmas presents, grabbed my 6 inch oven roasted chicken on wheat @ Subway and back to work. I left my office at 4:45, drove to the gym, gave it a measely 20 minutes (that’s all I had time for) on the bike, to the grocery store, ATM, and then home.
While at the gym, I listened to Andy Stanley from Northpoint’s Podcast titled, "take it to the limit". Although I know I’m busier than I should be, my eyes opened when I heard him talk about how we constantly narrow our margins. We constantly stretch ourselves whether it’s with family time, church time, financial matters, business, friends, morally. We are afraid that if we aren’t at every party, don’t succeed enough in business, aren’t living in a big enough house…then we will somehow fall behind. Fall behind who?
I guess the rest of you out there.
I can’t wait to listen to the rest of it. Let’s just say, I needed this big time.
This last Saturday we went to a great Christmas party at our friend’s house. Our friend Lisa goes, "hey guys, what time do you think it is?" We all guess, "I dunno, it’s probably late…like 11:00ish?" "um, no, 1:40!" it was fun, but I’m paying for all these late nights. I don’t think my eyes ever opened all the way today.


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