Traffic_lightsLast night we were grabbing a couple pizzas to go visit our friend’s new baby when I pulled up to the red light. Jacinda didn’t have any CD’s in the car, so I was pushing through radio stations trying to remember what numbers went to the stations.
The weird thing, no one honked. I looked up just in time to see the light turn from yellow to red. I sat through an entire light!
And, we’re not talking some little side road, it was a pretty big intersection.
Willow and Nees for you Fresnans.



  1. Last night Leah and I watched a show about the “Lottery Curse” when people win the lotto and go nuts and become broke or get arrested, etc. I just wanted you to know that if we win the lotto you are our first call … we actually don’t play the lotto, but I thought you should know the Bryson’s believe in you.

  2. Brian,
    Hale-Yeah!! Whats up bro? I’ve sat through a few lights myself. I know the feeling.
    Randall <
    (Yes the one from CHS)

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