1st family hotel stay

Photo_42Me and my girls were in serious need of some family time and day trips are pretty much out of the question now with 2 little ones. So, I looked up hotel deals with my "friends and family" discount with Marriott and found one for $69 in Paso Robles, close to San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach (Central Coast of Cali for you out of staters).
I "asked" Kiara if she would want to go on a family trip with all of us to a hotel and she was so excited that I thought she might not be able to sleep the night before.
I left work at 1 on Friday, went home, packed the car, and off we went. We got to the hotel, Kiara freaked. She was jumping on the bed, pushing the elevator buttons, and she even helped me check-in. The guy at the front asked me, "do you have a preference what floor you’re on?" so i asked kiara, "do you want to be really high?" oh yeah, she was in. So we’re on the fourth floor with a great view of the mountains and paso valley.
Last night we went to downtown SLO and were trying to go eat at Firestone, but the line had about 25 college students outside! We went across the street to Woodstock pizza and had to give the evil eye to people so we could get the mercy vote (with 2 kids) to get a table. We eventually got our pizza and it was great. We walked around SLO for awhile and came back to the hotel. Let’s just say that sleep wasn’t on the girls agenda…


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