Hairspray_movie_posterJacinda and I rented Hairspray last week. I’m always a little slow to pull the trigger on movies like this. I don’t know why. Everyone loved it in the theater, but we still didn’t go. Something about it, just makes me think it won’t be good, but I really liked it.

This guy James Marsden is starting to really turn up in a lot of movies. Lois Lane’s husband in Superman Returns (which I own), Prince Edward in Enchanted (which was good too), and now he’s going to be in 27 dresses (heard was terrible).


Oh, another movie we recently watched, well I watched, Jacinda slept, was "A Good Year" with Russell Crowe. I don’t know if it was my mood or what, but I really enjoyed it.



  1. On the computer at 5:30! Wow! They had this on the plane to Cali. Sohaila was glued to the TV. Very cute. I have been meaning to tell you guys but Juno is a great flick! I will own it. Just wanted to let you guys know. love you…. H

  2. There were moments of Hairspray that were alright…but overall, I’ll be fine if I never see it again.
    “A Good Year” was savaged by the critics, but I really liked it as well…

  3. Without sounding like an incredible lunatic, I had a dream last night that we came to visit you guys. For some reason you were living in New Mexico (where my wife is from) and Anne Jackson was over there updating her blog on your spare computer. Bizarre!

  4. hey! i didn’t know how else to get a hold of you easily (i don’t have your email) but i was just curious if you had our marriage certificate? if you do can we come get it soon?
    thanks so much! happy thursday.

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