We went to Passion in LA!

Picture_1I’m posting mainly to just get that hideous picture off the front of my site. Geez, what is that he/she thing?
I can’t believe I didn’t say anything about it earlier, but Jacinda and I made the trip down to LA last weekend to attend the Passion Regionals Tour Conference. It was so amazing and refreshing.
During every break we had, we would just talk about what God was doing in us. How we felt, what we were thinking, what touched us the most…it was amazing. Just going to a "church" event and having something to talk about was nice. We were definitely stretched in more ways than one. The rawness of the conference speakers coupled with the worship…amazing.
They had 3 "Justice" causes that I’d love to talk about later, but for now I just want to know if anyone else was there?



  1. Argh dude I’m so jealous. I think I’ve done a Passion event every year since like ’97 and this will be the year that breaks me: no Passion One Dayish event or a Thirsty conference or anything in the South. Glad the regionals are incredible, the 268 Blog pics look ridiculous!

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