My Poor Baby

Dsc_0041I took this picture a couple of weeks ago when we took a trip overnight to the coast. Kiara had such a great time running around in the water and trying to dodge the waves. But she isn’t smiling today.
She didn’t even go to preschool on Friday, and she’s been perched on the couch watching TV and movies the last 2 days. Melania, on the other hand, has been bouncing off the walls. It’s just so sad for my big girl. She’s not throwing up or coughing really, but she is just so down. You can tell she’s just tired of feeling cruddy.
We just watched "The Game Plan" with her and put her to bed. Pretty good movie. Obviously, it was pretty predictable and unlikely, but I’m a sucker for those anyway. I think if I could just watch Disney movies for the rest of my life, I’d be fine.
They are both sleeping now, so I’m finally "off duty" and have some time to pick up the macbook. If you can, say a little prayer for my baby, thanks.



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