a great way to wake up

Melaniaokay, this is great.
This morning, early, I am lying in bed after hitting my alarm and I hear one of the girl’s doors hit the wall. That usually means Melania, because Kiara is old enough to not slam her door. But, then I heard the toilet flush. That says Kiara.
Okay, then the sink water starts running. No problem, she’s washing her hands, but then it doesn’t turn off. I’m pretty groggy kind of going in and out of sleep you know so I’m not even sure how long the water was on. Then I realize that it’s been on for a bit too long.
I get up, go to the girl’s bathroom and there is Melania just playing in the water.
I just had to go get Jacinda and get the camera out. I just love waking up to these crazy girls! Love Em!



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