Attention Men!

Valentines_2I know the Super Bowl was just last week, but this week is Valentine’s Day. Let me just say, from years of experience…when she says:

"I don’t want anything"

she does.

That’s not a knock on the girls, but as a general rule, girls love to be pampered, focused on, splurged on, and to feel loved. You just have to figure out what makes her feel most special.

Jacinda and I have our weekly date nights, and so instead of fighting the crowds, reservations, and inflated prices on flowers, we will celebrate tomorrow night. We did it like that last year and it was great. We hit up Fleming’s and took our time, didn’t wait in line, or have to worry about making reservations a month earlier. I’m still trying to decide between 2 places to take her for dinner this year and then we’re going to go see a movie (a rare occasion lately). I’m also going to take each of my daughters out for lunch this week for Valentine’s day. I can’t wait. Even though they are young, I believe that as their Dad I should be the one to show them how a man should treat them on a date.



  1. I know all about this… last year Lorraine and I decided not to do Valentines day, which I assumed mean we wern’t going to do valentines day… how niave of me… what it actually meant was we are still doing valentines day…
    This year we are kinda doing it, we are going to see High School Musical on Ice, lol… awesome!!

  2. Awesome advice. I love what you’re doing with your daughters. My pastor told me how he takes his daughters out for their 1/2 birthdays. Basically, 6 months after their birthday when nothing real significant is happening he takes them out to lunch/dinner and celebrates all over again. Nothing extravagant or wild but something again that makes them feel special and provides an example of how they should be treated.
    Last year we celebrated Valentine’s Day the following day, everything was on sale and we went buck wild and had a great time 🙂

  3. Way cool about the daughter thing. That’s manly.
    So true about women – they want to be loved spontaneously – out of a sense of desire, not duty. That’s why they make all the comments like, “I don’t want anything… let’s not do anything big…” Way to pick up on that.

  4. Brian, you are truly an amazing husband and father. I truly admire you!! and I’m so blessed that you are my son-in-law. I totally agree that you should be the one to teach our girls how they should be treated by men in general and a special man should treat them one day. I love to watch you with the girls and with Jacinda. Thank you for being a wonderful Godly man. all my love, Mom

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