movie surprise

StardustJacinda and I just finished watching "Stardust". Neither one us gave it the time of day when it first came out and chalked it up as "cheesy". Well a friend at work whose blog I won’t link you to because she keeps changing her address, told me that she had just seen it and really liked it. She said it reminded her of Princess Bride.
Well, it wasn’t an instant classic like "my name is indigo montoya, prepare to die" but it was actually really good.
I really liked all the characters. Robert De Niro was hilarious, you loved to hate Michelle Pfeiffer, and the hero of the film was an unassuming young guy who discovers a lot on his journey.



  1. WOW. Really? My wife and I rented it and I prepared a post review and when I finished I just couldn’t post it because I just ranted off about it for like 500 words. I suppose it was b/c I thought it was a “family friendly” movie and even though my daughter’s only into Nemo I’m glad she’s not wanting to watch it. I’m not even that uber-conservative guy but I just couldn’t get around it.

  2. Hey Brian,
    I’m going to have to check out this movie out and see what I think. I keep hearing good things. Have you and Jacinda watched “Once”? Great music movie and amazing soundtrack.
    Hope you guys are doing well and being blessed!

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