Where has the time gone?

Old_navitimerI have been so un-inspired lately to do the whole blogging thing. Not that I haven’t been into it, I just haven’t really thought much about it.
My mind has been set on "spring cleaning" kind of stuff lately. Cleaning those "junk drawers" out of my house, garage, office, mind…
It’s exhausting, but very rewarding. You need those times in life when you put something in your hand and ask, "Do I really need this?" If the answer is "no", then away it goes.
I love this type of cleaning. Actually, Jacinda and I are trying to plan a weekend where we can give the kids to grandma and grandpa for a day or two, just so we can do some deep cleaning and organizing.
Boring stuff I know, but hey, that’s life. I’m off to go to bed, gym in the morning. Hey! I haven’t thrown up anymore!



  1. I feel you on the whole blogging thing. Except I have been lacking on material to blog about, and nothing seems to be coming to mind any quicker. Kinda tough. Good luck on the Spring cleaning!

  2. I love spring cleaning. I give so much stuff to goodwill. my mom thinks I am not sentimental because i just get the urge to throw stuff out and sometimes it’s things people have given me, but hey if it’s just taking up space in the closet it needs to go!

  3. My dearest Brian,
    Spring cleaning is the best, I think there is something about spring that makes everyone want a fresh start. I am hoping to start fresh in my heart and in my head because those are the only places I have to stay in 24/7.
    Miss ya,

  4. Ok I totally missed the post by loved the watch!!!!!
    I’m in counseling over my watch and jacket compulsions.
    It sure is beautiful!
    Oh I did read about princess day. I want a hat!
    Oh no is that a new compulsion?

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