Princess Family Night

Okay, first of all my wife is a creative genius. I’m sure she could be some kind of marketing guru or party planner to the stars or something like that. But no. She chooses to pour out her creativity on us. Her Family.
Every Wednesday, we have family night. These nights always have a theme to them. Tonight was no different.
I called Jacinda from work asking her what the "theme" was for tonight and she told me it was Princess night. Okay, what does that mean? I asked… "The girls are dressing up in their princess outfits, they have crowns and dessert." And, what are you wearing?
"My wedding dress" Ha!
We’ve had all kinds of cool nights. Cowboy night. Camping Night. Hawaiian Luau night. These aren’t just whatever, throw a shell out there, kind of nights either. This is full on, necklaces, music, decorated crowns, magical unicorn ice cream cones, smores in a tent kind of nights. I’m sure they will be memories that our kids will look back on and remember being loved.
So, needless to say, almost seven years later and my wife still looks hot in her wedding dress. It was actually really funny to see the girls’ reaction it. They were amazed




  1. That sounds awesome! Way to go Jacinda! We may need to steal this idea when our family starts happening…and no mom (If you’re reading this), that does not mean we’re having one anytime soon. By the way, there should be a better shot of Jacinda in her dress…how many times does she get to wear that; come on. Thanks for all your help on the phone yesterday. It helped a lot!

  2. Oh my gosh that’s about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I can’t believe Jacinda does all of that every week. She is absolutely amazing and your family will be so much stronger because of both of your investment! What a great way to show your kids you love them. I’ve been inspired! Thanks Jacinda. 🙂

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