My year so far…

Picture_1This is not a picture from my work computer…I just had to say that because the last time I posted a screen shot from work I had to sign a form saying I wouldn’t.
My blogging has severely dropped off in the last couple months because of this event. We (I can’t say who I work for either) got audited one day by our compliance department. Supposedly the guy "googled" me and found my blog.
I work in finance and investments so you can imagine that we are one, if not the most, heavily regulated industries out there. Every email that I send or receive at work goes through my manager’s inbox. By a function of his job he has to read so many of them a day. I have a blackberry that I got through work and the text message feature has been turned off. And, I obviously can’t check my personal email on either my blackberry or through the internet in my own office.
Blogging is considered "external communication" which can’t be regulated by our system, so I had to sign a legal statement saying that I won’t blog from work. I understand the security risk of me posting insider information to my oh-so popular blog, but the best thing about blogging is the "what’s happenning right now" factor.
I would get an idea, hear a joke, see something funny online and share it with you guys. Now, I have to email myself what I saw and then when I get home, make that email into a post. But, by the time I get home, I’m not feeling it anymore…
I tell you this just to let you know why I’ve been so random lately and plus I just needed to blow off a little steam. Thanks for listening.
Oh, I also can’t leave comments on other people’s blogs from work, so no hard feelings!



  1. i have a similar issue with work as well, i can read some blogs, but email and everything is blocked except company email, and i cant comment on a lot of blogs, some but not many, oh and im not allowed to say where i work either, lol

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