This is kind of old news now…

Picture_2This picture is from our local newspaper, the Fresno Bee.
Yep, there’s a Peoples Church in Fresno, CA for all you Franklin-ites wondering what I’m talking about. And, our pastor is retiring.
He’s been a local icon in our community for 45 years and has transformed this city. His "last service" was pretty amazing. All the stories, all the testimonies honoring God and giving much respect to GL. It makes me really wish I went to our church 25 years ago. It sounded amazing.
There were letters from missionaries, church leaders, government officials and even Billy Graham congratulating him on his service.
The most memorable thing I’ll remember about Pastor (wow, it sounds like he’s dead or something…) was when I was an intern in our college group. This must’ve been about 8 years or so ago, but a smaller group of us were visiting in a family room and we were just asking him questions about ministry, life, how he got started, love, etc. One of the guys in our group who was one of the uber spiritual kids asked a real pointed question with a even more obscure Bible verse reference. Pastor, looked at him, told him that he needed to read the verse in context and preceded to quote the verses before and after! It was crazy. And this wasn’t no John or Genesis, it was like Amos or Habakkuk or something. His wisdom always stirred me to want to learn more.



  1. Hey Brian, I was wondering who is taking over Pastor Johnsons position? Man, its been forever since I have been to Peoples. It seems like a lifetime ago!

  2. Wow, it has been quite some time for me too, I never thought Jackie would get rid of her bun!! It’s been at least three years since I’ve been to Peoples. Crazy. Anyhow, glad to see you blogging again. And I finally started a blog, check it out
    Lesley (Mann) Neustein

  3. hey…i’m encouraged by the things I’ve read on your blog. I’ve been given this amazing..and freaking to lead worship and I want to ask you some questions about worship and what you really think it is. I have no real guidance or mentorship where I’m from sooo I guess the internet is my best bet..

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