Who will you vote for?

Okay, I am freakin’ in love with the Biggest Loser. It is such an inspirational show and it never disappoints. So after last night’s show, America was given the ability to vote for either Mark or Roger. Whoever wins the vote will be in the final 3 on the way to becoming “The Biggest Loser”.
Mark has transformed his life; mentally, physically, and emotionally. Roger has beaten all the records out there and is just a really likeable guy. Jacinda and I each voted for different people, which basically cancels out our votes, but hey, you still gotta do it.

Go VOTE now!



  1. gosh, it’s such a hard decision! i love both of those guys and am still shocked that the women put them below the yellow line!!
    you’re right. such an inspirational show. great stuff.

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